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26 March 2020
Vivarium available from tomorrow
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22 January 2020
Fantastic Films celebrate three movies at DIFFF in February/March
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19 August 2019
Sea Fever World Premiere at TIFF
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24 April 2019
Vivarium selected for Cannes
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04 February 2019
Fantastic Films attend Berlinale
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World Premiere Outcast at SXSW review.

World Premiere of Outcast at the Alamo Drafthouse. The following review is from Harry Knowles of Aintitcoolnews


This is a pretty damn unsettlingly disturbing little picture out of Scotland & Ireland. It involves Celtic Black Magic & Witchery in modern day Edinburgh, Scotland.

This film is nasty in a way that's just hard to describe. There's a reality to what is happening that just feels valid. I can imagine this shit as being the real thing. The use of strange symbols and incantations, the weird fucking audio that accompanies these rituals and spell weaving ceremonies and the fucking creature is just 7 sides of nasty.

You have a Mother and her young son - who have decided to stop running and try to set up some manner of existence. Though, what their grand scheme of peace could possibly be, given the forces in pursuit... well, it is unlikely at best.

To make you understand the sort of magic at play here... The people trying to track the mother & son down are trying to find them. To do this, this one fellow does this real eerie whistle, which summons a pigeon to fly to them. Then the badass with weirdo ancient looking tattoos all down his back... guts and spills the entrails of the bird on the ground. Then - whilst chanting and giving the entrails a mean stare... they kinda start to do some creepy shit that tells them they're 9 miles to the South of their prey. But there's rules. They have to dispose of their sacrifice so that it doesn't fall into their prey's hands, cuz if it does. It ain't good.

There's a lot of strange nasty little things that are done like that. Things you have to do in order to be granted a vision, a power or protection. I love that. I love rules to the supernatural. It's like tubing and texture on the outside of my favorite spaceships. It's just something I love. In a way - it exists in a world adjacent to things like CURSE OF THE DEMON and DRAG ME TO HELL. But it isn't a demon summoning picture. It's just other shit that happens in a world where you most likely can summon a demon.

There's a young budding romance, that's probably not the wisest thing, but it feels a bit like... a TERMINATOR movie. Imagine if John Connor was being pursued romantically in the midst of bad shit happening. But imagine it being done perfectly real feeling. That's the romance in this film. It feels honest and true. Like everything else in the movie it feels right.

This isn't a film that I imagine will ever get a wide release. But damn if it shouldn't be seen. It is a peculiar and disturbing horror film. An excellent film. See it at all costs.

So that was my first day of SXSW 2010. See y'all tomorrow!